In the U.S and around the world, cost and sustainability problems place severe limits on all levels of education. Schools face budget cuts that can leave them stuck using outdated technology and inadequate teaching materials. Schools typically buy and then re-buy proprietary learning content that can't be easily updated, customized, or personalized to meet the diverse education needs of each individual student. College textbook costs now surpass tuition fees at some community colleges, which contributes to the growing debt burden placed on students.


There’s a huge demand for high quality, affordable education opportunities – and a very limited supply. Open Educational Resources are an important part of this solution. But here is the problem: very few people around the world have ever heard of Open Educational Resources.

This competition was created so that we all tell this story to the world.

And at the same time, administrators and policymakers may not always be aware of the opportunities to leverage existing tools and resources to help teachers and students learn as much as they can as quickly as possible.

About the competition

“Why Open Education Matters”